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Save up to 17 per cent on Luas with Leap Card

31 May 2013

Public transport users can save up to 17% if they use a Leap Card to pay for their Luas trips instead of single tickets.

Leap Card users save up to 15% on Dublin Bus, 17% on Luas and 18% on DART and Commuter Rail when compared to cash single tickets. 

Gerry Murphy, CEO of the National Transport Authority said: “The Leap Card scheme has seen dramatic growth since its launch 18 months ago, with over 250,000 people getting a card. We’re now reminding those people still paying for cash single and return tickets to get their Leap Card to benefit from cheaper fares.”

The National Transport Authority will to continue to develop the Leap Card further by increasing the flexibility of the system with new features such as auto top-up and fare capping as well as through partnership with more commercial bus operators.

More about Leap Card

Leap Card is the new way to pay for travel between Wexford, Dublin and around Dublin City. It can be used on Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail services. Using a Leap Card on these services is cheaper than paying single cash fares. It’s available to buy at over 400 shops in Dublin and online at www.leapcard.ie .

More details are available at www.leapcard.ie.