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Take Luas To Culture Night

15 September 2014

Culture Night takes place on Friday September 19th from 5pm to 11pm at various city centre venues.

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New Luas Operating Contract awarded to Transdev

01 September 2014

Transdev Dublin Light Rail Limited won a 5 year €150 million contract to operate the Luas tram system and maintain the Luas infrastructure and rolling stock through various maintenance contracts.

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Take Luas to Croke Park

27 August 2014

Heading to Croke Park? Park + Ride with Luas and take a tram to Dublin City Centre. Busáras or Connollly on the Luas Red line is just over a 15 minute walk from Croke Park.

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Luas SmartCard Phase Out

17 July 2014

It’s time for Luas SmartCard holders to make the switch to Leap Card. The Luas SmartCard (Child and Adult) is being phased out over the coming months as it has been replaced by Leap Card.

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Safe Driving With Luas

04 June 2014

It’s very important that motorists know how to safely share the roads with Luas trams because if they don’t they could be prosecuted and they could seriously injure or kill themselves and others.

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Cheaper Leap Card Fares for 16to18yrs

29 May 2014

Cheaper Leap Card Fares for 16-18yrs

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Racism-free public transport for Dublin

08 April 2014

Luas along with other transport providers, Dublin City Council, The National Transport Authority and the Immigrant Council of Ireland have partnered together to promote and encourage people to stand up to racism.

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