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Be Tram Aware - Luas Safety Advice for Cyclists

18 July 2017

The majority of cyclists in Dublin are responsible and law-abiding. However Luas drivers regularly see cyclists acting irresponsibly and putting themselves and Luas passengers at risk.

Luas trams are very much a part of Dublin’s transport infrastructure and this type of irresponsible cyclist behaviour is a worrying trend. Thus Luas have launched a campaign aimed at educating cyclists about how to stay safe around Luas trams.

To show cyclists the danger they are placing themselves in when they cycle irresponsibly Transdev and Transport Infrastructure are releasing CCTV footage of cyclist related incidents filmed with the CCTV cameras on the front of the trams. See the video below or visit the Official Luas YouTube Channel or the Luas Facebook Page.

The Luas network is split into 3 types of track;

  • Tram lanes where only trams are allowed and bikes are not permitted
  • Junctions where roads, footpaths and cycle paths cross the Luas tracks
  • Shared Tramways where vehicles and bikes share the roadways with Luas trams


You can read all about Cycling Safety Around Luas here.