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Luas Eco Calculator - Detail Info


Sustainability is a key driver of Irish government strategy with environmental and sustainable development objectives set out clearly in a number of strategy documents, such as the National Climate Change Strategy 2007-2012, ‘Making Ireland’s Development Sustainable’ and the European Union Sustainable Development Strategy.

Over the past 20 years there has been a growing global realisation that we as a civilisation are living beyond our means. From loss of biodiversity (felling rainforests to over fishing), to the negative effects our consumption patterns are having on the environment and climate, our way of life is placing an increasing burden on the planet

To this end, it is clear that there is a global need to become more sustainable. This means maximising the environmental, social and economic benefits of our activities, while minimising the negative impacts, as far as possible. Luas offers a sustainable transport option for the City of Dublin. 

At Veolia, we recognise the importance of making sustainability central to the way we live and work. We have developed a Luas Eco Calculator which allows Luas passengers to calculate the carbon footprint associated with their Luas journey and compare it with the same trip made by car.

Reduce your CO2 emissions, help combat climate change, choose Luas - the sustainable choice!

How does it work?

The Luas Eco-Calculator Tool has been developed from the Veolia Transdev Group Eco-Efficient Travel Assessment Methodology. This methodology is independently audited every year by Ernst & Young. We have assumed that a passenger travelling with Luas could travel by car as an alternative and we estimated the CO2 emissions for both transport options.

1. Data Sources (2012)

Data Unit Origin
Emission factor for Irish
electricity generation
593 CO2 g/kwh Department of Transport, Common Appraisal Framework (CAF)
Emission factor for Luas 80 CO2 g/passenger km RPA / Veolia Transdev
Emission factor for car* 246.38 g/km Department of Transport, Common Appraisal Framework (CAF)/ RPA / Veolia Transdev


*The emission factor for car is taken from the Department of Transport’s Common Appraisal Framework (CAF). The emission factor has been adjusted to reflect well-to-wheel (WTW) emissions, i.e. inclusive of emissions associated with the upstream processes of refinery, extraction, transportation etc.  An average urban highway speed of 20kph has been assumed.

2. Distance between Stops – particular cases

Distances between Connolly and the Docklands Stops are calculated as if the passenger was travelling from Connolly to Busáras and then from Busáras to the Docklands Luas Stop selected.

Distances for journeys between both Luas Lines are calculated as if the passenger was interchanging between the two lines at Abbey Street and at St. Stephen's Green Stops. There is 1.4km between these two Stops, and it has been assumed that Luas passengers either walk or use the dublinbikes scheme to make this journey. This distance is not taken into account in comparing the environmental performance of Luas to car.

3. CO2 emissions per Luas passenger

CO2 from Luas = ((emission factor for electricity generation × annual kwh consumed by Luas)/annual Luas passenger kilometres)) × journey length by Luas

4. CO2 emissions per Car Driver

CO2 from cars = emission factor for average car × journey length by car