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Green Line platforms are getting longer

09 December 2016


Starting in early Dec 2016 some of the platforms on the Luas Green Line are being lengthened to 54m.

Currently there are 66 trams in the Luas fleet; 40 x 40m trams and 26 x 43m trams. To serve future demand 7 new 54m Luas trams have been ordered.

The platforms on the new Luas Cross City extension, Dawson – Broombridge, are long enough to accommodate the new longer trams and as part of these works St. Stephen’s Green platforms have been lengthened. The platforms on the extension of the Luas Green Line from Sandyford to Brides Glen opened in Oct 2010 were built long enough to accommodate longer trams. However platforms at 11 of the original Luas Green Line stops, Harcourt – Stillorgan are currently not long enough for the new trams.

Over the next year platforms at 11 Green Line stops, from Harcourt – Stillorgan, will be extended from their current 40m to 53m to comfortably accommodate the new longer trams.

During the works access for Luas passengers will be maintained with accessible and well sign-posted routes. In general one end of the stop where the platforms will be extended will be off limits but the rest of the stop will largely not be affected. Luas passengers will continue to be able to see Passenger Information Displays throughout the works and to use the Ticket Machines, Validators and Shelters.

Please excuse the appearance of the platforms while we work on lengthening them. Luas will work to get this construction done with the minimum amount of hassle for Luas passengers and our neighbours.