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On Yer Luas

10 February 2017

On Yer Luas!

Did you know by using Luas you release 3.5 times less C02 emissions than taking the same trip by car? 🌿

You can measure the carbon footprint of your journey here using Luas Eco Calculator.

Here are just some of the reasons you should take Luas instead of the car:

  • less air pollution
  • less noise
  • less vibration from road traffic
  • less traffic jams (Luas has its own dedicated tracks and has also priority at traffic lights)


Luas welcomes your suggestions and feedback. Please contact us and tell us what you think of Luas by emailing info@luas.ie or by tweeting @luas

Luas was also the winner of the Green Mover Award in the Irish Logistics and Transport Awards 2016 and the winner of the Green Transport Award at Green Awards 2015