registerUsing your new TaxSaver ticket 

The ticket that you ordered has been electronically loaded to your TaxSaver Leap Card. You can use your TaxSaver Leap Card on the services where your ticket is normally valid. 

  • If your ticket is valid for Dublin Bus, you should Touch On the validator on the right hand side as you enter the bus. 
  • If your ticket is valid for Luas, you should Touch On at a validator on the platform before you get on the tram and Touch Off when you get off the tram.
  • If your ticket is valid on a DART or Commuter Rail service, you should Touch On at the platform entry gate or Validator before your journey and Touch Off at the platform exit gate or Validator after your journey.


Register Your TaxSaver Leap Card at

Do I still get the same benefits now that my TaxSaver ticket is on a Leap Card?

Yes, your ticket has simply been loaded onto a Leap Card, so your tax benefits are unchanged.

We encourage employers to continue loading digital photos for all employees so that TaxSaver Leap Cards will be issued to employees instead of paper tickets as soon as the desired ticket becomes available on TaxSaver Leap Cards.