Leap Card Luas Cap

Luas Card Caps your travel credit spend, so once you hit an applicable Cap you can travel for free on the service for the rest of the day or week.

Capping means that you won’t get charged more than the price of a 1 Day or 7 Day Luas Flexi Ticket using Leap Card.

Capping is part of the Leap Card functionality. It introduces a Cap; a maximum amount you pay for Luas travel during 1 day or 7 days (Mon-Sun) with Leap Card. This is equal to the 1 Day or 7 Day Luas Flexi Ticket. After you reach the Cap the rest of your travel during that 1 day or 7 days is free. Leap Card Luas Capping is the first introduction of this Leap Card functionality and will be on Luas only for now.

The Leap Card Capping functionality for Luas was turned on before the start of Luas services at 5.30am on Monday 17th December 2012. You don’t need to do anything; just your use your Leap Card as normal. The Caps will be applied automatically. Don’t forget to Touch On and Touch Off with your Leap Card for all journeys as normal so you are charged the right amount and so that you have a valid ticket to travel on Luas.


Daily Cap = First tram to last tram on given day. The daily cap period starts at 4:30am each day and end at 4:29am the following morning. The amount spent is reset at 4.29am each morning and cannot be carried over.

Weekly Cap (Mon – Sun) = First tram on Monday to last tram on Sunday. The weekly cap period starts at 4.30am on Monday and ends at 4.29am the following Monday morning. The amount spent is reset at 4.29am on Monday morning and cannot be carried over.


Leap Card Caps

Leap Card Caps
 Luas Daily CapLuas Weekly Cap (Mon - Sun) Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail - Daily Cap Dublin Bus, Luas, DART and Commuter Rail - Weekly Cap

For more information view or download a set of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Students - information on Leap Card and what you should know - for more info please click here


Leap Card Zonal Fares

Leap Card Fares
 Adult & StudentAdult & StudentChildChild
1 zone€1.54€1.54€0.80€0.80
2 zones€2.00€2.00€0.80€0.80
3 zones€2.27€2.27€0.80€0.80
4 zones€2.27€2.27€1.00€1.00
5 - 8 zones€2.40€2.40€1.00€1.00


For details of Leap Card Multi Mode Caps see https://about.leapcard.ie/fare-capping.

Please click here to view the Luas Summary Fares PDF.

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